I am a player in the following:

Occasionally (very occasionally...), I serve as a Story Guide in Ars Magica. I lead our Uresia themed BESM campaign. Even TOON features once in a blue moon.


Richemulot is the setting, or to be more precise, serves as the home domain for our group of players in the world of Ravenloft. My character is Xavier Laurent, a Rogue offspring in the Laurent family of apothecaries. Other regulars include a Cleric, another Rogue plus now and then a Mage, and a Paladin. There are NPCs accompanying us, as well.

Transhuman Space

Our setting is Mars in the year 2100. Players belong to the Chinese faction of the planet. My character is a Tianyi Bioroid in the service of the Party. He is currently employed as a secretary for another player who is a member of the local ruling elite and one of the richest people in Mars. Others include a policeman and a good for nothing who does something...maybe.

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