You can still leave without losing your sanity or getting strange urges to reach out and bite someone... This page is a list of interesting pages I've found on the 'net, or they have been mentioned in publications I read. Mainly this page is for my convenience when I'm away from my home but still have access to the net.

Links Categories or Tags
UserFriendly.Org comics, User Friendly, Illiad
PVPonline comics, PVPonline, Player vs. Player, Scott R. Kurtz
Order of the Stick comics, Giant in the Playground, the Order of the Stick, Rich Burlew
Girl Genius comics, Girl Genius Online Comics, Girl Genius, Kaja and Phil Foglio
Sosiaalisesti rajoittuneet comics, Sosiaalisesti rajoittuneet, Pekka Piira, Jukka Piira
Zap! comics, Zap!, Pascalle Lepas, Chris Layfield
Anime anime, wallpapers
Astronomy Magazine astronomy, Astronomy
Bud's Art Books comics, books, art
Commander Kitty comics, Commander Kitty, Scotty Arsenault
Errant Story comics, Errant Story, Michael Poe
Google's Groups search engine, Google, newsgroups, usenet
Internet-käyttäjät ikuisesti - IKI ry Internet-käyttäjät ikuisesti IKI ry, IKI, IKI ry, the Internet Users Forever IKI, non-profit society
Local weather weather, Oulu, Ilmatieteen laitos
LOCUS scifi, Locus, newszine
MegaTokyo comics, MegaTokyo, Fred Gallagher
Namir Deiter comics, Namir Deiter, Isabel Marks
Penny Arcade comics, Penny Arcade, Tycho, Gabe, Mike Krahulik, Jerry Holkins
PHP: Hypertext preprocessor php, scripting language
QuirksMode web standards, QuirksMode, PPK, Peter-Paul Koch
The Planetary Society astronomy, the Planetary Society
Sinfest comics, Sinfest, Tatsuya Ishida
W3C web standards
OMG! Ubuntu! Ubuntu, news, linux
Ubuntu Forums Ubuntu, forums, linux
Phoronix Phoronix, news, tests, benchmarking, linux
Ars Technica Ars Technica, news, technology, software, hardware, politics Danny Choo, portal
Touch Arcade Touch Arcade, iPhone, linux, bsd
Futuremark community Futuremark, community, games, hardware, software, benchmarking
Blue's News Blue's News, games, news
Turun yliopiston Aerobiologian yksikön siitepölytiedote Pollen report, University of Turku, Aerobiology Unit
Smashing Magazine Smashing Magazine, web standards
Boing Boing Boing Boing, neurozine
OpenClipArt OpenClipArt, clip art, public domain
A List Apart A List Apart, web standards, technology, culture
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